Taxify Uganda Ventures into Boda Boda Business

Taxify, Europe and Africa’s fastest-growing ride-sharing platform, has launched a boda boda feature on the Taxify app.

The launch which took place on Friday February 9th comes at a time when hundreds of boda boda riders have signed up to the platform and are ready to accept rides anywhere in the city.

“At Taxify, we are always sensitive to the needs of local markets. Our main goal is to provide the most convenient, affordable and reliable way to move from place to place within cities,” Shivachi Muleji, East Africa’s Regional Supply Manager, said.

“Boda is a good product for the people of Kampala as it fits well into the culture and is a category that has great potential to provide a steady source of income to many people in Uganda.”

Taxify has taken measures to ensure that certain guidelines are followed to protect both the boda boda riders and the passengers by carrying out due diligence pre-trip, first aid training for riders and providing rider gear (helmets, first aid kit and reflector jackets).

“We most certainly believe that these trainings will equip boda boda riders to handle any situation that arises in their day to day work and will emphasize on the importance of driving safely,” Shivachi. Added.

“Happy drivers means a great experience for riders. Taxify believes in treating its drivers with respect, allowing them to earn more than what they receive on other platforms and providing a range of safeguards and features that help them work in the way that suits them best. Taxify Boda will charge 500 UGX Base fare, 70 UGX per Minute, 400 UGX per KM, and 1000 UGX Minimum Fare.”

“Proper registration is a requirement for riders to join the platform and Taxify is working closely with government agencies to enable boda riders go through the registration process smoothly which also helps ensure safety and reliability.”

Don Atungisa

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