Tractor Assembling Plant to be Set Up in Eastern Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has received and held discussions with Norbert Traublinger, the Chief Executive Officer of a German Werke Eicher Company who is interested in setting up a tractor assembling plant in Eastern Uganda.

President Museveni encouraged his guest, to also consider starting a factory for manufacturing tractors in Uganda.

The president and Traublinger concurred that the tractor plant should be built in either Tororo or Mbale Industrial Park, in Eastern Region.

This is because it is easier to transport the heavy machines that are required for the plant using the railway.

Traublinger revealed to President Museveni that his company will use solar panels to generate its own electricity to run the plant.

He noted that the operationalization of the tractor-assembling venture will go a long way in supporting the growth of the agricultural sector in Uganda.

Moses Kayigwa