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Development Channel to Create 50,000 Jobs in Uganda


Development Channel whose aim is to bridge the development divide between underdeveloped and developed countries, is a private sector company with its headquarters in Kampala, Uganda.

It has over 350 full time staff and will be employing another 5,000 staff who will start work next week at its call center in Bukoto along Old Kira Road.

The 5,000 jobs come as preparation for an upcoming economic war which will be spear headed by Development Channel in other 49 African Countries.

The 2 buildings in Bukoto dubbed the “Twin Pillars” accommodate a high tech call center where 1.2 Billion people will be reached across Africa.

Another 50,000 jobs are in queue, waiting to be created when Development Channel rolls out its Mobile Device manufacturing and assembling plant in Uganda.

Development Channel by so doing is solving the problem of unemployment which is so wide spread not only in Uganda but Africa as a whole.

A visit to Development Channel buildings on Old Kira Road shows a beehive of activity, with many young people working away on their computers in the call centre as others submit their applications.



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