Samsung, Apple Finally Agree to Eat their Beef

Apple and Samsung have agreed to put an end to their seven-year battle over patent infringement. Terms of the legal settlement were not disclosed.

Apple and Samsung Electronics told the judge at the US District Court for Northern California that they’d resolved the first filed but last remaining of the legal disputes, Bloomberg reports. Both companies declined to comment to the press.

The news follows Apple winning a USD 539 million jury award against Samsung in May in a retrial over damages stemming from their original lawsuit in federal court in San Jose, California, which ended with a USD 1.05 billion verdict against Samsung.

Part of that money had already been paid to Apple before a Supreme Court ruling on how damages were calculated, as was a USD 119.6 million verdict against Samsung that was upheld on appeal.

Apple started the string of lawsuits in 2011, accusing Samsung of copying the iPhone with its smartphones.

Samsung counter-sued with its own claims of patent infringement. In the period since the lawsuits started, the gap in market share between the two providers had narrowed, as Apple grows and Samsung’s leading position reduces.

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