FULL STATEMENT: Phaneroo Clarifies on Pastor Lubega’s Comments Against Bobi Wine

By Phaneroo Ministries International

We take this opportunity to write to those we owe an accountability to and those who seek to know the truth pertaining the recent and ongoing attacks, and false accusations on Phaneroo ministries and the person of Apostle Grace Lubega.

The public has been given the impression that the ministry is fighting some political individuals and siding with others.

As a ministry, we owe it to the moral conscience of our nation to clarify on this matter for the purpose of setting the record straight because this deliberate attack is terribly contrary to our convictions, integrity, moral code, ethics and values.

On 6th September 2018 Apostle Grace Lubega, in a Phaneroo sermon on the critical issue of inheritance and the birth right addressed believers on their responsibility to not only pray for their nation but also take up critical offices for the noble purpose of Godly leadership.

It was spoken in a spirit of love, and humility without necessarily finding fault with one or blaming another.

However, like all information, there is no control of what one could make it say or imply, and for such we find ourselves in circumstances of being misunderstood.

In making this statement, we are cognisant of the sensitivity of the issues at hand, the volatile political atmosphere of our nation and the strong undercurrents that are driving the issues in contention.

We deeply respect the inherent human right of freedom of speech of all peoples and that the same ought to be exercised with wisdom, responsibility and a sense of accountability to the conscience of the wider society in which we live.

And thus we state these facts.

  1. A video clip of the service was created out of context by propagandists and posted on social media. This short video clip was not prepared or sent by Phaneroo ministries, and neither exists on any of our media platforms.

This was done by some unknown individuals, who for their personal motives intentionally cut out of a full sermon, what worked for their benefit.

The clip has been used to provoke harsh sentiments, propagate misunderstandings and discredit some political individuals and thus the ministry and it’s Vision Bearer.

  1. Secondly, we wish to pronounce that as a ministry we are non-partisan and have no political agenda or interest. We are neither for the present establishment nor for any anti-establishment— we are for and of God.

We do not condone violence, and the shedding of innocent blood to achieve political objectives. Neither do we judge any man for we are not God, and if this was the impression given, we choose to turn the right cheek and apologise for that.

Our gospel is of peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

  1. The message was not in any way meant as an attack on any specific individual as was implied, it sought to emphasise the fact that the heart of any leader who pursues any office should seek divine wisdom and purpose, not just ride on emotions.

Getting emotional happens to all men whether for or against any idea, but at the end of the day we hope beyond pain and find answers. Hence, the call by the man of God, for Christians to pray for this land.

We do not in any way undermine the sentiments of those that believe that our nation deserves positive progress, but we are also aware that this can only be by the hand of God.

It is this very deep sense of responsibility that informs the context of the sermon from which the video clip was extracted.

The message of this particular sermon was on the principles by which one builds a legacy; the importance of what you live IN your children essays services over what you live FOR your children (Proverbs 13:22); the infallible truth that Christ, who is called the First Born is our standard and that by Him, Christians have been made partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light (Colossians 1:12).

Ultimately, the very gist of it is that the true and sincere Christian believer has a greater advantage if elevated to any position of responsibility because of God’s grace at work in them.

It is from this very context that Apostle Grace Lubega strongly emphasised the need for any leader to have a genuine personal relationship with God.

Like he vehemently pronounced, “God give us Godly leaders in this nation, Men and women who fear your name. Men and women who bow to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. People who understand their responsibility.”

In a world vying for liberalisations that water down the fundamentals of authentic Christian belief and the principles by which stable cultures ought to exist, it is important that the Church of Christ pledge to prayer, truth and love. History should never judge us for silence in the times when we had the choice to speak, only God will judge our hearts and know we were not against men and that we loved our country.

We commit to continue to preach truth with the great mandate of drawing the lost to Christ with God as our aide and guide.

We choose to forgive those that were quick to judge without asking the right questions, and those who used our ministry to further their personal objectives.

We continue to pray for our land and believe for Godly wisdom and direction.

Our future is in God’s hand and with His mercy, this nation shall soar towards greatness.

God bless Uganda.