Video: Man Brutally Arrested by Flying Squad Gunmen Identified; Tormentors Sit at CPS

A man abducted by gun wielding-men in civilian clothes on Thursday has been identified as Yusuf Kawooya, but the motive of the brutal arrest remains unknown.

The ‘gunmen’ beat up Kawooya before bundling him in a taxi-like van waiting, according to a video captured by Uganda’s Record TV.

The van Registration number UAF 325S sped off from the scene after the arrest Thursday afternoon.

The arrest happened at the junction between Colville Street and Portal Avenue, just adjacent to Theatre Labonita and Christ The King Church in Kampala.

The video has widely circulated on social media.

And now the officers in the video are being identified as belonging to the Flying Squad Unit (FSU) of Uganda Police.

According to human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo of Chapter Four Uganda, Kawooya’s tormenters will face the courts of law to answer for the brutality they meted on the civilian.

“The individuals involved in this video are from Room 75 CPS [Central Police Station] Kampala. They work with the Uganda Police Flying Squad,” said Opiyo.

“We have positively identified two of them. We are verifying their details and as soon as we do, we will not only make it public but also commence processes to have them prosecuted.”

Video: Man Brutally Arrested by Flying Squad Gunmen

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