Arch Rwego Murder: Details Emerge as Man Reportedly Bitten by Deceased’s Dog is Arrested

More details are slowly emerging on the murder of Kampala-based businessman Arch Rwego killed in Kira Zone, Kiira Municipality, Wakiso District in the wee hours of Wednesday.

A worker at Bomanite Tiles, Rwego hails from the south western district of Kisoro.

He is married to Dora Rwego, a sister to police CID director Grace Akullo.

Tuesday evening at about 6pm, Rwego returned home at residence seated near Essella Country Hotel off Najjera-Kira road in Wakiso District.

A father of one Form Four son, Rwego’s home was raided by thieves as it rained early Wednesday morning, under the cover of darkness.

Arch Rwego (RIP)

It has now emerged that Rwego had sent his security guard on a short leave.

This left his security in the hands of three dogs. But the goons had poisoned two of these before they cut through the fence and gained access to the compound.

Inside the gate, one dog engaged the attackers before it was cut to death.

But before Rwego’s security dog breathed its last, it had reportedly bitten and injured the attackers.

A key had reportedly been left in the lock – on the inside.

Shattering the glass door, the killers gained access to the house.

With machetes, the thugs cut Rwego and took away with money and household items.

He would later be rushed to a clinic in Najjera.

He was pronounced dead at Mulago Referral Hospital.

Security operatives would later start a hunt for the killers.

A man has been arrested and is being interrogated after he was found in a Kampala clinic where he had gone to seek treatment for wounds that seem like those from a dog’s bites.

The suspect was found at a clinic seeking treatment after being bitten by a dog

Details about the man and his role in the murder remain scanty.

Marion Ayebazibwe