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Brig Micheal Kabango Takes Over Command of AMISOM Sector One


Brig Michael Kabango has taken over UPDF Sector One Command from Brig Paul Lokech after a one-year AMISOM tour of duty.

The function was presided over by Maj Gen Peter Elwelu, the UPDF Commander Land Forces (CLF).

Maj Gen Peter Elwelu commended Brig Lokech for a job well done during his one-year tour as Uganda Contingent Commander (CONTICO) in Somalia.

He added that Somalia mission is important not only to Uganda’s ideology of Pan-Africanism but also to the world at large.

Gen Elwelu reminded UPDF officers and men operating under AMISOM that “every man on earth has a mission to accomplish”. He reminded the soldiers that it is their Pan Africanist duty to support Somalis to achieve peace.

Gen Elwelu noted that before 2007 when Somalia turmoil was at its peak, Somalia was regarded as a “hell on earth” and whoever suggested to operate or deploy in Somalia was termed as “dead on arrival”.

Gen Elwelu lauded UPDF for with limited resources and support, to have championed military operations in 2007.

He advised the incoming COTINCO to build on the achievements scored by Brig Lokech.

To the soldiers, Gen Elwelu emphasized team work and respect for AMISOM mandate.

The outgoing Contingent Commander outlined UPDF-AMISOM’s achievements within the year 2018 including reoccupation of Marka port from Al-Shabaab, the handover of the symbolic Mogadishu National stadium to FGS, revamping of Barawe and Ceel-jale ports, joint operations between UPDF-AMISOM and various CIMIC activities to Somali people.

“Civil Military activities have made wonders in winning the hearts and minds of the Somali population. As a result, Somalis look at UPDF as a force that is here to help them,” said Brig Lokech.

Brig Kabango appreciated UPDF leadership’s wisdom in appointing him as AMISOM sector one commander.

He promised to work within AMISOM’s mandate to ensure peace for Somalis within his area of operation.



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