Thursday, January 23, 2020
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EXCLUSIVE: Taxify Set to Rebrand

Ride hailing app Taxify is set to close business and quit the Ugandan market barely three years after its launch, The Tower Post has learnt.

A source inside Taxify who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely told this website that the Estonian based company would shut down operations in February 2019.

“Taxify will terminate all its business in Uganda in February,” the source confided in The Tower Post.

They however were quick to mention that another company named Rider was taking over operations in with immediate effect.

“Taxify is going to re-brand with a new name and new leadership. Top leaders saw that retaining the current name will see them make more losses because the brand’s image has already been tainted in Uganda due to poor management,” the source added.

Asked about the development, Taxify Public Relations Manager Marilin Noorem could neither confirm nor deny.

“Thanks for the question! However, we are not able to confirm such news at this time,” Noorem said in an email to this website.

The news comes at a time when the company is receiving a lot of bad reviews from users online due to poor conduct of their drivers.

“The quality and service of Taxify Uganda is rapidly deteriorating, the bodas take long, the cars always ask for more money than that demanded by the app. The quality of the drivers is questionable. Am usually a brand loyal person but circumstances are forcing me to make the switch!” one of the users posted on their Twitter.

Many such reviews have been made which prompted the company to shake up their management although not much seemed to change.