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How PAC pinned PS Kagole on falsified documents

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) says that the Judiciary Permanent Secretary Kagole Kivumbi is to be held for allegedly presenting falsified documents.
The Committee’s opinion after legislators concluded that the medical form tabled by Kagole after he failed to appear to answer audit queries on Tuesday, was full of manipulation.

He presented the form following a directive by the committee to pick evidence about his reported sickness under the watch of CID officers. Contrary to his earlier statement that the medical records were at his home in Seguku, Kagole instead led the CID officers to Bugolobi Medical Centre were the form was picked.

The committee Chairperson Nathan Nandala Mafabi discharged a sub-committee to the facilit to ascertain details of Kagole’s visit to the facility. The committee was led by Vice Chair Okin P.P Ojara.

Butemba County MP Pentagon Kamusiime reported that the data from Bugolobi Medical Centre for Tuesday July, 2 and Wednesday July 3, showed that Kivumbi’s data was entered shortly before the sub-committee arrived at the health facility.

Kamusiime opined that Kagole was not at the Medical Centre as reported to the committee.

PAC Vice Chairperson Ojara also reported that Kagole had lied to the committee about his medical visit that reportedly stopped him from appearing before the committee on Tuesday. He however reported that data at the hospital indicated that Kagole is a client who has visited the hospital in the past for over 20 times.

Kagole’s woes started after a whistleblower petition on suspected collusion to embezzle 34 billion Shillings from the Judiciary. The expenses were also queried by the Auditor General as money mischarged.
Nandala Mafabi asked the CID to investigate within all the judiciary personal accounts to allocate the 160billions. This investigation is to last for five days

Scrutiny of a detailed accountability document indicates that some of the funds had been wired to individual accounts of different Judiciary officers and Justices for reasons including office operational funds, payment of tuition, and medical fees, among others.

According to Kagole, the money was spent on Court operational funds, mediation costs, Court sessions, imprest, locus visits, HIV medical allowances and expenditure for Monitoring and Evaluation since these items have no direct budget lines.