Standard Chartered Launches Uganda’s First Banking Keyboard; Here is How it Works

Standard Chartered, Uganda’s oldest bank has launched another Social Banking Solution in the Ugandan market, the Standard Chartered Keyboard.

The feature is part of the bank’s continued efforts to meet the rising demands of the country’s young and digitally-savvy population.

The SC Keyboard, which is part of the Bank’s newly launched Full Digital Bank on Mobile, allows the Bank’s customers to access a variety of financial services from within any social or messaging platform without having to open the Banking app.

Being unveiled on the back of the first Digital Bank that was launched at the beginning of the year, the solution is a first for the Bank in Uganda. The keyboard-based banking solution allows clients to transfer money in real-time, pay utility bills and instantly check balances from within any social or messaging platform. The unique digital solution can be configured as the default keyboard on any smartphone, making banking quick and seamless for customers who no longer need to log into their SC Mobile app for basic banking services.

Speaking at a press conference to launch the feature, Moses Rutahigwa, the Bank’s Head of Retail Banking, said:

“The SC Keyboard is an important milestone in our digital journey. It was designed with our clients in mind, as users can now pay their bills, view their account balances and transfer money to their friends or family through any social or messaging platform, be it WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger or traditional SMS’s. We want our interactions to be simple, intuitive and seamless and we will remain committed to leveraging the best technology to make banking more convenient thereby enhancing customer centricity and service delivery.”

The SC Keyboard seamlessly integrates into the keyboard of any smartphone, allowing users to access financial services without having to access (login to) the main App. From within any popular chat application like WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn and even traditional SMS, users can check their balances, pay bills or send money to any mobile wallet, without having to exit their chat mode. This feature makes financial transactions more accessible, hassle-free and convenient.

The Bank continues to leverage on its Digital Baking Capabilities given the evolution of the banking landscape as more and more users adopt online and mobile banking into their daily financial activities.

Mr. Rutahigwa further added; “Our clients nowadays expect convenience, affordability, security and the aspect of lifestyle in the banking activities. They want to be able to open accounts wherever they are, and they want to do so speedily. They also expect to be able to perform more than just banking transactions on their online platforms – they want to be able to pay bills, access information on banking and financial trends, and much more. We will, therefore, continue to leverage on our aspiration of being the digital bank with a human touch.” He concluded.

Standard Chartered’s Digital Bank on Mobile serves as the Bank’s digital platform and anchor to SC Keyboard and other future capabilities.  It continues to give clients practical and attractive options such as a free ATM card that is delivered to a location of a client’s choosing; an account with no monthly ledger fees and no need to maintain a minimum balance. The App., called the “SC Mobile Uganda App” can be downloaded or upgraded via Playstore or AppStore.

To enjoy the seamless and easy access to banking by SC Keyboard, clients need to:

  • Have an Android or iOS smartphone phone with fingerprint support
  • Install SC Mobile App. and enable SC Keyboard in the device settings
  • Select SC Keyboard as your default keyboard and start using it

Don Atungisa

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