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New Mobile App Ajiry to Enable People Find Employment


Looking for a job nowadays is stress. Jobs are not only scarce, but finding them is an uphill task itself. To help curb down this vice, the Ajiry app has been introduced in Uganda. After its success in Kenya, there’s hope that Ugandans will get connected to their dream jobs on this app.

This is a platform that connects people to people, business to people and people to business

It was driven by the insight that the real problem wasn’t lack of jobs, but how to find the available jobs. The app is here to ease the process of connecting people to prospective employers.

“We also wanted to solve the inconvenience of youth having to move miles with brown envelopes looking for jobs so we thought a platform where one can earn from their several skills without having to spend too much and go through much trouble with middle men,” says Judith Kurubakanya from Ajiry App Uganda.

Once an individual has downloaded this application, workers will cast a wide net in their search for job opportunities and, in turn, further formalize the informal industry.

The app is available on play Store for download however one can still register directly from the web without downloading the app. This provision was put in place to cater for clients without smartphones but can access internet cafe and register their skills with the app.



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