Ten Confirmed Dead, Scores Displaced After Rubirizi Fuel Tanker Explosion

Ten people have been confirmed following an accident involving a fuel tanker, two commuter taxis and a saloon car.

At around 4pm, at Kyambura Trading centre, in Rubirizi District, a tanker truck carrying fuel from Mbarara, lost control and ran into two commuter taxis and a saloon car, and exploded in flames, killing several people instantly.

9 burnt bodies have been retrieved from the scene and transported to Lugazi Health Centre for further post mortem analysis and DNA profiling, another body was still trapped beneath the tanker truck and could not be retrieved due to the cover of darkness.

Three smaller secondary explosions from the parked vehicles following a stream of liquid fire from the fuel.The four motor vehicles were severely burnt and damaged.

About 25 small shops over a stretch of over 30 metres were burnt. The firefighting teams from Bushenyi and Kasese responded and prevented the fire from spreading further.

The joint security teams from the Police and UPDF have cordoned off the area. So far. The scene remained closed overnight and the operation continues early morning, to search for more bodies, establish the number of victims injured, since they were rushed to different Health facilities and also establish the cause of the accident.

“We urge relatives who could have lost their loved ones to visit the Health centre and avail samples for DNA profiling, better identification and matching of the deceased persons,” said police in a released statment.

Anita Atuhaire