Anita Fabiola Lands BBC Gig

Ugandan Television star and model Anita Kyarimpa alias Anita Fabiola has been named among four African ladies that will be panelists on BBC TV show, The She Word.

The TV show, launched in September 2018, explores the life experiences of women in today’s Africa.

It presents stories told in an honest and engaging way, discussing what is special about being an African woman and what can be done to break gender stereotypes that African women suffer.

It also aims at celebrating the successes of female entrepreneurs in a way that will inspire others all over the continent.

A philanthropist and big inspiration for young ladies in Uganda, Fabiola has had many gigs both locally and on the international scene.

The call for the BBC show is yet another milestone achieved by the TV host and another big inspiration to young girls back in Uganda.

On the show, Fabiola will appear together with three other ladies from Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Kenya.

Tricia Ishimwe