Police Asks Lodges to Start Disclosing Names of Customers

In the effort to fight urban crime in the city and areas around, police has put in place a measure that will see all lodges and hotels register all customers on a daily basis. The information gathered by hotel managers should be submitted to a nearby police station. This according to Police’s Chief Political Commissar Asan Kasingye who made the announcement will help intelligence agencies while performing their tasks.

Kasingye also revealed that LC1s will be required to register residents in their areas.
AIGP Kasingye said the shared names shall be used by intelligence agencies for proper documentation of individuals hosted in a given community, where they came from and their next destination.

“The police is going to help LC1s create village WhatsApp groups for all residents that have smartphones. The groups will have commanders of nearby police stations. The purpose of the groups is to enable individuals to alert each other about any suspicions or crime,” Kasingye said.

Johnson Ategeka