Monday, September 28, 2020
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Gen Otafiire Threatens to Beat MP Mwijukye

Francis Mwijukye, the MP for Buhweju should not cross Gen Kahinda Otafiire’s path. The minister for Justice threatened to beat the MP after he said Otafiire has a history of grabbing public land.

A bitter exchange between the two happened at Parliament on Wednesday after the minister was tasked to explain reports that he had grabbed land belonging to the government stock farm in Njeru, Buikwe.

Otafiire had earlier been accused of causing instability at the government’s stock farm in Njeru.

Otafiire told parliament that  the land belongs to him, which enraged just many legislators.

Mwijukye took to the microphone and said that Otafiire had grabbed government when he served as minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, adding that the new allegations were not surprising.


Otafiire angrily dared Mwijukye to repeat what he had said, “I want honourable Mwijukye to repeat what he has said on the floor outside Parliament and he sees.”

Mwijukye resigned to his seat.

But Nandala Mafabi the Budadiri West MP told the general to stop intimidating fellow MPs.

Mafabi repeated Mwijukye’s allegations providing more details.