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Museveni Passes Out 18 Fighter Jet Pilots

18 airmen of the Uganda Peoples’ Defense Air Force have been passed out by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The occasion happened at Gulu airbase. He advised the pilots to avoid reckless living and concentrate on doing their job.

The President promised to build 30,000 houses for soldiers at the airbase, and also asked that all feeder roads near the airport be tarmacked. 

“We are going to improve the airport to international standards so that it can be used by  big and international planes,” said.

“In the 1960s this was a very active airbase. The roads around should thus be repaired because we don’t need dust here, all these machines here (air force military jets) do not need dust at all.”

The President asked the people of Gulu to use the airport to promote trade within the region.