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Socialite Bryan White Arrested Over Piled Debts

Brian White has been employing Weasel

Bryan White (Kirumira) once gave money to whoever crossed his face, now he has little or no money to pay his debts. 

Bryan has today (Friday) been arrested by police over cases of obtaining goods by false pretense.

Prior to his arrest Police raided Kirumira’s home in Buziga in Makindye on Friday morning and impounded two vehicles which according to reports were not acquired through right channels.

His arrest has attracted the attention of his many creditors, among them his landlord and Captain Mike Mukula. The two are among a long line of people who ran to the to CID headquarters with claims of over Shs1 billion in unpaid money. 

Mukula says he sold two vehicles to Bryan but only received part payment. Bryan owes him 200M. Bryan’s landlord told investigators that Bryan has not been paying rent for a long time. “He owes me 500M.”

According the CID Spokesperson ASP Charles Twine, Brian claims to have acquired the vehicles from one Yassah Matovu Seguya and made all payments and provided receipt of payment in the banks. 

The receipts he provided, however, are said to be those of earlier transactions, which brings in an element that before he got the cars he had premeditated mind with intent to defraud Seguya of his goods.

Bryan says the charges against him are tramped up by ‘mafias’



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