Witness Pins Kanyamunyu Over Akena Murder

A security guard named Robert Mutebi who was on duty the evening social worker Keneth Akena passed away at Nakasero Hospital has pinned Mathew Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari for killing the deceased.

During a court session on Wednesday, Mutebi said that he saw Mathew and Cynthia bringing in Akena in an alarming state.

“I helped them carry Akena from the car and when we reached inside the ward, Mathew and his girlfriend told us that Akena had been shot,”

The witness further went on to say that later on, a nurse called them into the ward to listen to a dying confession Akena was making.

“On entering the ward, we heard the patient saying that a man who had brought him and the lady in the car putting on the short skirt were the ones who shot him. He asked us not to let them go before calling in his family and Police. He repeated it three times,” the witness said.

Mutebi told the court that they decided to block Mathew from leaving the hospital before the police could arrive, and this was on the orders of the supervisor of nurses.

“I took over Emergency Parking while my friend Moses Ecolas went to the Doctor’s parking. Later white Land Cruiser came in being driven by a man who was handed a Pistol and a laptop bag by Mathew.”

Mutebi said he was able to see the pistol being handed to the man who had come in a land cruiser thanks to the lights at the hospital.

“After seeing this I rushed to go and report to Wandegeya Police, leaving a fellow guard named Asiimwe to watch over the suspects

The case was heard by Justice Steven Mubiru who adjourned it to Thursday.

Charity Mbabazi