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A Look at the Betting Industry’s Link to Football

Advertising and sponsorship have ensured that the gambling industry has quietly got popular in the world. Football is one of those sectors of the world’s famous games genre, which has successfully come under the betting and gambling industry.

It’s easy to start betting, and all you need is a Betway app download, a reason more punters are looking at betting online.

The more popular the game is, the more players to get into it and bet on.  It has made gambling or betting on football a lot more popular.


Advertising is one of the biggest capitalist markets to propagate any certain idea or practice into the audience. Through advertisements, the gambling industry is encapsulating the major chunk of the society, especially youth, to get involved in sports betting.

Adverts on the shirts and jersey of the players easily attract the eyes of the audiences and inoculate a greater interest among them. The new media platforms are rather quick access to catch the audience’s eye and create a flash in a very short time. The gambling industry is using them as a tool to spread their business and popularity among youngsters. Since football is the most-watched game, they do target it to get a greater response.


Most of the Primer League sponsorship is done by betting companies like Sky Bet, Bet Way, Yo Bet, Bet365 and so on. They sponsor the accessories of the players, shirts, hoardings and so on, where it is easily visible for the audiences. Not only this, they do take part in the management of the entire stadium or stands. While doing this, they exercise their purpose to get popular since big hoardings and stadium placards are telecasted even on television. This brings the involvement of global audiences.

Matchday Programs

The gambling agencies do not even leave the time-honored club programs. They do advertise their brands, especially while sponsoring the home teams. At a Spot the Difference competition, Casino 888 online logo was used to catch the attention of the young fans of Birmingham City.

Global Perspective

The Primers Leagues are celebrated and watched globally and the gambling and betting industries know the fact. To get a global appeal they do target these global audiences to take part in sports betting. In places where it is banned or made illegal to advertise gambling, like China, the industries use the English profiles to spread through and access into such areas. This creates an obsession with football for football fans, especially the youth.

Easy Money Making

The youth in the society, will obviously not lose a chance to make money quickly without doing hard work and the quickest process is gambling. The gambling or betting on football in international matches or on international clubs has a fancy appeal that easily tempers the youth of the society. They find it easier, interesting and entertaining to make money in this way.

It’s what’s making football betting on sites like Betway more popular? Do you think we missed out on anything?