Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Twitter Rape Allegations: Socialite Sheena Bageine Arrested

Police in Kampala has arrested socialite Sheena Bageine (@sheena_sheenzy) on charges of cyber bullying, cyber harassment and defamation.

Bageine was reportedly picked up on Thursday evening and taken to the Kampala Central Police Station where she is currently being held.

The socialite’s woes originate from a Twitter thread she made at the start of 2020 with a list of men who she claimed were rapists. She further accused the men on the list of aggravated sexual abuse, claiming she was being fed information by the victims.

Among the accused was former Big Brother Africa housemate, Radio Presenter and TV star Denzel Mwiyeretsi among others including a Carlton Douglas Kasirye who chose to take legal action.

The Tower Post understands that Ms Bageine was served a letter of intention to sue with demands which included a compensation fee of UGX 2,000,000,000, a public apology among others.

“We demand that you remove from publication and the defamatory threads complained of to prevent further damage to our client, produce an apology and declaration that the allegations were false, provide details of recipients of advice or comments made of this nature and make proposals for payment to us of damages of UGX 2,000,000,000,” Mr. Kasirye wrote to Ms. Bageine on Monday January 13th.

But an unapologetic Bageine would respond a day later advising Mr. Kasirye to proceed to court, citing that she was ready to defend herself.

“The contents and demands contained in your letter are noted. You may proceed to act at your convenience,” Bageine’s lawyers of Pace advocates wrote in a letter dated January 14th.

“Needless to state, we are prepared to put up a robust and vigorous defence for our client’s previous, present and future actions as and when required,” the letter further read.

37 days later, Ms. Bageine has been arrested.

Denied Police Bond

Unconfirmed reports on Twitter indicate that Ms. Bageine’s lawyers have been trying to secure police bond which has been denied.

“She was checked in yesterday Thursday 20 February 2020. She was charged with cyber harassment by a one Peter an I.O. At CPS Kampala. Pleas for bond by her family and lawyers fell on deaf ears as the Afande kept asking them to ask the same from the complainant,” a tweet from Women’s probono initiative reads.