Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Rape Allegations: ‘Unapologetic’ Sheena Bageine Responds to Letter of Intention to Sue

City Socialite and Twitter user Sheena Ahumuza Bageine (username @Sheena_sheenzy) has written to another Twitter user Carlton Douglas Kasirye (username @cdk_maestro) advising him to proceed with legal action in the case of defamation against the latter.

This website recently reported that Mr. Kasirye, a graduate lawyer pursuing his bar course at the Law Development Centre had written a letter expressing his intention to sue Ms. Bageine for damages caused when she publically accused him of being a rapist.

Between 2nd and 3rd January 2020, Ms. Bageine exposed over 10 men accusing them of rape, attempted rape and aggravated sexual abuse.

She claimed that this, the men do when they are in Kampala’s hangout spots and when they party with girls then take advantage of them when they get drunk.

Kasirye would later, through his lawyers of Simon Tendo Kabenge Advocates, seeking a public apology from Ms. Bageine, full details of the individuals who sent the ‘damaging’ information to her and a compensation fee of UGX 2,000,000,000.

“We demand that unless you remove from publication and the defamatory threads complained of to prevent further damage to our client, produce an apology and declaration that the allegations were false, provide details of recipients of advice or comments made of this nature and make proposals for payment to us of damages of UGX 2,000,000,000,” the lawyers’ statement reads in part.

Bageine responds

Days after being served a letter of intention to sue, Bageine has advised Kasirye’s lawyers to continue and persue the case in court as she was not ready to meet any of their demands.

“The contents and demands contained in your letter are noted. You may proceed to act at your convenience,” Bageine’s lawyers of Pace advocates wrote in a letter dated January 14th.

They further affirmed that they were ready to defend their client in court should Kasirye choose to take the matter to court.

“Needless to state, we are prepared to put up a robust and vigorous defence for our client’s previous, present and future actions as and when required.