Confirmed: Gen. Tumukunde Declares Presidential Ambitions

Former Security Minister Gen. Henry Tumukunde has declared ambitions to run for presidency in the 2021 elections.

This was revealed in a February 28th letter to the Electoral Commission whose copy, The Tower Post has in its possession.

In the letter, Tumukunde notifies the election governing body of his intention to conduct countrywide consultations ahead of his nominations in 2021.

He however doesn’t declare intentions to form a Political Party or any existing party which he will be leaning on.

“My consultations will extend to the currently existing political groupings and political parties, security agencies and law enforcement agencies, the rural population especially farmers, urban dwellers….,” the General wrote.

The declaration came just days after the government withdrew the General’s security detail on Tuesday February 25th.

Without any explanation, the UPDF high command recalled of Tumukunde’s 10 guards from his Kiruhura, Kampala and Rukungiri homes. The guards would later be transferred to the UPDF Guard Brigade at the Land Forces headquarters in Bombo.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that Tumukunde was stripped of his guards because “he was making plans that didn’t please the incumbent government.”

The former Security Minister was fired from his role in an unexpected cabinet reshuffle in March 2018, a move that could have been in anticipation of his plan to challenge Museveni.

The Tower Post