It is Very Possible to Remove Museveni from Power – Gen. Tumukunde

 Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde has assured that it is possible to remove President Museveni from power. Tumukunde who declared his plans to stand for presidency earlier this week made the statement while appearing on a talk show on Thursday.

Tumukunde said Ugandans only need to be mobilized to vote President Museveni out. “I am good at mobilization. My team has laid out 1000 methods of mobilization to ensure that we have a peaceful transition of power,” he said.

He blamed the media for portraying to Ugandans that it is impossible to remove Museveni from power.

“You the media are the ones portraying to Ugandans that it is impossible to remove Museveni. Let’s bring facts; 30% of Ugandans have never voted Museveni. We simply need to mobilize Ugandans well,” Tumukunde revealed.

He said there is a need to change the perspective that Museveni cannot be removed.

When asked if he was a cousin to Janet Museveni, he said; “Janet Museveni wrote a very elaborate book. Do you think she would have failed to mention a very important cousin called Tumukunde? I am not related to the Musevenis but let us stick to important matters affecting Ugandans.”

Tumukunde says he is ready to work with different opposition groups.

Johnson Ategeka