Shell Gas Introduces Free Home Delivery Solution

Vivo Energy Uganda has announced the introduction of a free home delivery solution for Shell Gas. This is in a bid to bring services closer and offer greater convenience, safe transportation and doorstep delivery of Shell Gas to customers.

The move follows restrictions put in place by the Uganda government to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Deliveries are currently available to customers across greater Kampala and Entebbe region, with plans to rollout to reach even more areas.

The free deliveries will be made daily from 8am to 4pm, seven days a week, by Shell agents using motorbikes and delivery trucks with effect from 1 April 2020. Orders can be made through either a toll free line: 0800 980 098, MTN ‒ 0771 355 418, or Airtel – 0759 043 511. These lines will be operational to serve customers from 8am to 8pm.

“In a bid to bring services closer and offer greater convenience and safe transportation of Shell Gas, we have accelerated the planned introduction of a home delivery service. We are aware that people are now at home and may experience difficulty in accessing essential services, especially as cooking needs are even greater with all members of the family at home,” said Moses Kebba, the Vivo Energy Marketing Manager.

The free home delivery solution applies to both existing Shell Gas customers who require refills as well as first time purchase customers.

“Our delivery service applies to both existing customers as well as those who are interested in purchasing cylinders and accessories. We are offering free installation and doorstep delivery. Our team will be on hand to help you get started by setting up the equipment and offering easy and quick usage tutorials,” Kebba added.

In line with the Standard Operating Procedures stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Shell Gas deliveries have in place the necessary sanitary requirements to keep the delivery agents and consumers safe in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Perhaps, it sounds like the kind of service offered by Nelson Propane Gas ( or any similar fuel supplier. It is common for people in countries such as the US to order fuel in the winter months as the weather prevents them from being outside.

“The team is equipped with sanitizers, gloves and face masks and have been trained to practice social distancing during the process because the health and safety of our customers and staff is our absolute priority. In addition to the safety equipment and lift tables from a reliable Electric Powered Lift Table Provider, we have also put in place mobile payment methods and are encouraging customers to use them to eliminate handling of cash and limit contact,” Kebba said.

Payments can be made via mobile money or bank transfer. Cash will also be accepted. The company has also put in place an operational call centre team available daily to take delivery orders from customers which are then passed on to the various delivery teams stationed around the city. To ensure that these call centres are handling their customers correctly and are contacting them through the correct numbers so that requests are promptly answered, they may want to implement something akin to a phone validator api to check on these numbers and match them with their customers.

“The process is fast and smooth and we can assure you of quick and efficient same day delivery. I encourage customers to take advantage of the toll free line such that they do not have to incur any additional call charges in these difficult times,” Kebba concluded.

Shell Gas is available and will be delivered in three sizes – 6kg, 12kg and 45kg with refills going for UGX 57,000, UGX 110,000 and UGX 320,000 respectively. New purchases are priced at UGX 189,000 for the 6kg cylinder, UGX 291,000 for the 12kg metallic cylinder, UGX 622,000 for the 45kg cylinder and 341,000shs for the composite cylinder.

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