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Eddy Kenzo: I Am Not Broke

Musician Eddy Kenzo made a cry for financial help on Tuesday through his social media saying that he had run out of money. Kenzo is currently stuck in Ivory Coast where he had travelled for a business trip.

The singer admits that life is tough where he is.

He asked people to send him money via western union and suggested that he would give his car away in exchange for money.

The singer was bashed for seeking attention. On Wednesday the singer has come out to day that he was only joking about the situation.

Kenzo is one of the most successful artistes in Uganda. He is also among the most booked. He owns a fleet of cars, a number of investments, but his expenditure is also large. He takes care of over 4o children under his foundation.

Kenzo was set to stage a music festival the first of its kind in Uganda, only to be cancelled due to coronavirus. The government suspended all concerts (public gatherings).

Kenzo once bragged that he could live happily without working for ten years.