Chameleone Remorseful After Bitter Exchange with URA Enforcement Officer

Musician Jose Chameleone wants to forget the day he had a spat with a Uganda Revenue Enforcement officer. The officer intercepted Chameleone on Easter Monday to demand Chameleone’s tax documents for his car, a V8. The singer did not have the documents. A scuffle ensued involving a bitter exchange between Chameleone and the official.

Chameleone regrets the incident

“On 12th April – Easter Sunday, while en-route to BBS TV, I was intercepted by the URA enforcement at the entrance of Masengere. It was less than 15 minutes to my appearance on the live TV show – EASTER CAMUKA  – to which I later appeared. Because of the anxiety at that moment, I got engaged in a regrettable exchange with the URA team.

“The URA team demanded for papers of my car (which were not in with me at the time, and I felt it could have waited, the rest is history.

“I wish to state, that as a person, in my celebrity capacity and as a leader, I have values I stand for, and I get disappointed every time I fail on them, just like that time. Therefore, for all of you my people who felt that I fell below your expectations, I’m sorry. I’m just human.

“On 13th April 2020 – Easter Monday – we handed over the  car to URA for scrutiny as requested and have assured them cooperation of our highest regard in their process of scrutiny.”

Audrey Ninsiima