Kadaga Orders MPs to Stop Talking About Covid-19 Money Allocated to Parliament

Members of Parliament will have to stay shut about the 10bn allocated to parliament specifically to help in the fight against Covid-19. This is after the Speaker of Parliament ordering Members of Parliament to desist from commenting on the 10bn.

“I want to appeal to the honourable members of the house that the issue of the shs10 billion is an issue of the Parliamentary Commission. Members should not continue talking about it because you don’t know about it,” Kadaga told legislators on Thursday.

“Allow the commissioner and the speaker to speak on your behalf. It is not your business; just go on with your lives.”
Kadaga told MPs that speaking about such matters is not their business.

The 10bn was allocated to parliament off the shs304billion supplementary budget to different sectors. The allocation that was done in the dark has since raised controversy and criticism. Some MPs have vowed not to take the money, among them; Bobi Wine, Francis Zaake and others especially from within the opposition.

Parliament last week passed the supplementary budget and each MP is supposed to get shs20 million.

Kadaga said in one television interview that the money will be used to maintain the ambulances contributed by Parliament and individual MPs, provide fuel and pay allowances for the drivers of the ambulances.

Kleive Calvin