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#LockdownDiaries: Cleopatra Koheirwe on Life During Coronavirus Lockdown


Renowned personalities in the entertainment and creative industry, like majority of other Ugandans, are staying home amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The Tower Post checked in on Ugandan actress, events emcee and media personality Cleopatra Koheirwe, who shared her lockdown experience.

Give us a one-line bio of yourself

I am an actress, corporate events emcee, writer, and PR Manager at StarTimes Uganda.

What’s your work situation like at the moment?

I am working from home.

Where are you living now and who is with you?

I am at my place in Ntinda with my daughter and some family members.

Describe your socializing strategy – How has it changed?

Well, since I am at home, I can only socialize via phone calls, WhatsApp, and the other online platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

How are you dealing with Child care vs work?

This is the same really. I am a hands-on parent so only plus is that I am spending much more time with my daughter now than before. When I am doing my work, she understands and knows to give me space and not distract me, but of course once in a while she wants attention and I give it.

What are you reading?

A lot of work related stuff. Haha! Have not had a chance to read a book yet during this time.

What are you watching?

Musicals with my daughter such as The Greatest Showman, Cinderella (all versions), Annie, and animations. She loves to re-watch her favorites.

Personally, when I can, I watch series.

What are you listening to?

Soothing soft rock music, and Gospel music like Hillsong, Chris Tomlin and Kirk Franklin, and Radiocity 97fm.

Have you ever run into LDU after curfew time?

No. I am home all the time, if I step out to go to the shops, I am back home before curfew.

What would you do if curfew time caught you outside your home?

I would not let it find me outside my home. So I would not want to risk it to find out what I would do.

Do you own a bicycle?

No, but I have been planning to own one for some years now and this situation has got me strongly considering it.

How are you staying fit – Which exercises are you doing?

I am working out once in a while.

I do the “Insanity” workouts, and “Billy Blanks” workouts. I also started wearing my “Body by Choco” waist trainer.

Have you taken up a new hobby? Which one?

No I have not.

How are you getting your groceries?

I walk to the supermarket/market. When I have to buy many groceries and food, I drive, because the shops are within the vicinity.

Any tips for getting necessities while in this lockdown?

Well, if you can’t get the necessities yourself, there is the option of Online shopping/ ordering online. Or you can send a boda boda guy before curfew time.

One Awkward moment since the lock down started?

I met my very good friend at a supermarket a few days ago when I had gone to buy some more groceries but we could not hug or warmly greet each other. It was so weird. She had been away a while and we were supposed to have met when she returned, prior to the covid-19 situation getting crazy.

How do you think this whole thing is going to end?

I cannot say that I know.

But all I can say is that I pray it ends soon and everything goes back to normal. I also believe most of us are going to be better human beings after this experience. It has reminded many of what’s really important.



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