Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Mass Testing For all Truck Drivers Kicks Off In Kenya

Neighbouring Kenya has kicked off the process of mass testing of truck drivers after it realised that the country has been exporting Covid-19 to neighbouring countries.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary in Kenya Rashid Aman said the decision to test transit cargo drivers was arrived at after a section of Kenyan drivers were confirmed positive.

Kenya’s decision comes at a time when Ugandan authorities are keenly scrutinizing the option of having the trucks coming into the country stopped at the border and then picked and driven by Ugandan drivers to their destination or to the next border point.

Uganda has registered more than 15 coronavirus cases from the neighbouring countries in a period of less than one week.

According to the ministry of health, a total of 1989 Covid-19 samples were tested in Sunday and of these 1578 were truck drivers.

On Friday, President Museveni said the government is in talks with all neighbouring countries to see how the spread of coronavirus can be curbed.