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Police Arrests DJ Nimrod for Distributing Relief Food


Radio presenter DJ Nimrod has been arrested and thrown into the coolers at Katwe Police station for allegedly distributing relief food without following the Ministry of Health guidelines on Covid19.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, Nimrod was arrested together with another dj identified as Shafiq Walakira.

Nimrod was cleared by the Prime Minister’s office to distribute food to Djs and was cautioned against gathering a crowd. Onyango says Nimrod invited people at Makindye office where they gathered without observing the Ministry of Health guidelines.

They will face charges of engaging in acts likely to spread an infectious disease.

MP Francis Zaake is also currently battling similar charges. Zaake was arrested for allegedly distributing food to his constituents.

On Wednesday, the President wondered why the police had arrested Zaake and left other NRM MPs and Ministers who were also flouting the Ministry of Health guidelines.



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