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Gov’t to Distribute Face Masks to all Ugandans


Government is set to distribute face masks to all Ugandans in a bid to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus disease. The president of Uganda made these remarks on Monday while addressing the nation about the status of Covid-19 in Uganda.

“This mask must be worn all the time when you are in public. Whether you are sneezing, talking or coughing. Since many people raised the issue that they cannot afford these masks, the gov’t has decided to provide these masks to all Ugandans 6 years and above,” Museveni said.

Children less than the age of six shall not receive the government face masks because they cannot safely wear these masks according to President Museveni.

“These masks, like mosquito nets, will be distributed through the LC system. One mask per person of age 6 and above will be given. It must be worn all the time when you are in public,” he said.

The president also issued new guidelines to be followed by Ugandans after the issuing of masks. These guidelines included opening of shops selling general merchandise if they are not in shopping arcades, Opening of food markets and arcades. Public transport will resume on June 2, 2020, after all Ugandans get face masks.

“The masks will take two weeks to be ready. Two weeks will be like June 2. However, this opening of public transport will not be allowed in the border districts of Uganda for another 21 days. And when the taxis resume, I don’t want to hear of brokers and these noisemakers in the park. Since it is impossible to space out the passenger and the boda boda rider, boda bodas and tuk tuks will not be allowed to carry passengers,” Museveni said.

Addressing the issue of the leisure economy, president Museveni stated that these would have to wait longer until the country returns to normalcy.

“For the bars and salons, since they cannot observe the rules of social distancing, they will not be allowed to open for another 21 days, this includes, gyms and swimming pools,” Museveni said.

People with private cars will be allowed to drive as long as the car doesn’t carry more than three people including the driver.

The president also maintained that curfew will remain unchanged for another 21 days.



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