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Police Blocks Public Vehicles Without Route Charts


Public transport vehicles have returned on the roads today, but many that do not have route charts issued by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) are being stopped by the police. This has created a scarcity of taxis and buses on the road, leaving a number of travellers stranded.

After the President allowed public transport to resume, KCCA issued routes and numbers for commuter taxis to ensure there is no congestion in the city centre.

Different taxis have different route charts to follow depending on the roads they ply. Taxis plying the Jinja-Kampala route are assigned number one, Luzira route is number three, Mbarara route is 38 while Entebbe route is 78.

Taxis plying Jinja side (1-to 27) are supposed to exit the city centre through Burton Street, Buxton, Snay Bin Road then connect to Nkrumah Road and join Jinja Road at Railway Grounds.

Taxis, with route numbers from 31 to 58, operating in the New Taxi Park will use Mackay Road, Berkley (Bakuli) Road to exit and enter the city.

Public transport operators from Kisenyi Park (route number 59 to 73) will use Kisenyi, Ssemugooma, Rubaga Road and Berkley (Bakuli) Road for exit and entrance.

There are more than 120 routes mapped out.

The plans are being issued by Police in collaboration with the MoWT at Old Kampala SS grounds



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