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Tumukunde Wants Opposition to Front One Candidate Against Museveni


 Presidential hopeful Gen Henry Tumukunde believes the opposition will be stronger against President Museveni if they front candidate.

Tumukunde told journalists on Wednesday that he has already started having discussions with other members in the opposition to have one candidate.

“We are better off working together. If we agree on a common position, I am ready to support it. All I am asking for is us to come up with a principled alliance, which should also come on time,” Gen Tumukunde told the press.

Tumukunde said he had met with former FDC Party leader Kizza Besigye, People Power’s Bobi Wine, ANT’s Mugisha Muntu and members of the DP.

In the previous general elections, there was an attempt by the opposition candidates to come together under TDA but it failed. Tumukunde says he doesn’t want the same to happen “I do not want us to repeat the TDA [The Democratic Alliance] story. People were not being clear and that is why it failed. If we are to succeed, we should all come together for a common course and stick together until a common course is achieved,” Gen Tumukunde said.

“If we fail to reach a common ground during the ongoing talks, then I will stand as an independent candidate,” he said.



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