Blaise Kamugisha Speaks Out on Alleged Car Accident, Scoffs at Death Rumours

Former National Crime Preventers Forum (NCPF) leader Blaise Kamugisha has blasted rumours making rounds on social media that he was involved in a fatal accident that nearly claimed his life saying they are untrue.

The reports which started circulating on Sunday July 19th purported that Kamugisha was driving in Mercedes Benz ML 350 when he collided with a white tipper.

Pictures and videos of the car wreckage showed a black Benz in a swamp with an individual wearing a yellow t-shirt. The left side of the car had been crushed completely.

Other reports purported that the youthful NRM stalwart had died in the accident.

But while speaking to The Tower Post on Tuesday morning, Kamugisha confirmed that he was in good health and going about his Political plans.

“I was not involved in any accident,” he said.

“I am well and already in my village picking nomination forms for our youth election,” he added.

Kamugisha plans to run for the position of Chairperson for the NRM Youth league in the forthcoming elections with a promise to empower the youth by putting working structures in place that will guide future generations.

He says that although youth make more than 75% of the population and their vote means a lot, they have benefitted least from government programmes, blaming leaders for using the youth to meet their own selfish ends without tangible gains for them.

Asked to comment about the election and campaigns, he said he would communicate when he has the right information from stakeholders.

“On the election, it looks it has been delayed. Let’s communicate when we have the right information from the stakeholders,” he said.

The Tower Post understands that he has been holding consultative meetings across the country underscoring his plan for the youth for the next five years.

Killing for the President

Among the other video clips that have been circulating on the internet is one where he says the youth are ready to “kill” to protect the President.

Kamugisha says “the video does not represent the whole speech and that those circulating it only picked that part to suite their interest.”

“If you listen to it, I also stated that I don’t want to be misquoted by you “the media”. I am responsible for what I say but I can’t take responsibility for the interpretation anyone gives it. I was only expressing my love for the revolutionary leaders of the NRM who chose to stand with others when others couldn’t. I was expressing my determination to defend his gains and those of NRA/M by being at the frontline. I was expressing my loyalty to the party before anything else. There is no better way I could do that. Given chance I can say the same again and again,” he was quoted by local publisher Nile Post as having said.