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Corrupt People Want Me Out to Keep Doing Evil–Rebecca Kadaga


The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga has dismissed suggestions that she should step down from the position of 2nd vice-chairperson of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) due to old age. Kadaga who is seeking re-election says she still has the stamina to serve the country and also perform party duties.

Kadaga says some people are trying to fight her because she does not tolerate corruption, and what’s worse, these people are within the NRM.

The speaker made this revelation while speaking to NRM party zonal co-ordinators in a meeting at Munyonyo where she had met with the leaders

.”I don’t like corruption and I speak against it. This causes people who are corrupt and yet highly placed to say I do not like the party and I am speaking against the party. This is wrong, the party has no agenda for corruption, it is individual,” Kadaga said.

She said that fighting corruption has caused made her clash with some party members several times.

Kadaga will tussle it out with Lands Minister Persis Namuganza for the 2nd Vice-chairperson seat. It is the first time someone is standing up to Kadaga since she took the office 10 years ago. According to Namuganza, it is time for the young to serve. Namuganza argues that if the NRM doesn’t accommodate young people, they are going to keep going to People Power.

Kadaga, however, says that it is not sensible to say she is too old to serve at 64 years of age yet the party head is older

“How can you claim you support President Museveni, the party leader who is over 75 and yet you are standing against me because I am old, yet I am younger than the party leader, then that does not make sense,” Kadaga said.

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