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How Technologies Are Changing Online Gambling Industry


Technology is changing at a terrific pace, impacting how we live and do different things. One particular industry that has seen the most robust changes is the gaming industry, where advancements have propelled it to new heights over the last few years. It applies to both gamers and the gaming companies, and anyone with some interest in computer technology. A lot is expected to happen soon, and no one can tell how the face of gaming will look like in the wake of new technological changes. We take a look at the changes we’ve seen so far, and where we see the gaming industry in the next few years.

The big brands still dominate the gaming space

As it stands, the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony control the console gaming market. No significant changes are expected as the big money brands will always lead the pack in making online and offline gaming a major success. Blizzard has revolutionized the MMO and online gaming market as well, in that they allow players to explore new gaming markets without limiting them in terms of functionalities.

Regardless, even with these big players dominating, there is plenty of room for new technological advancements, as we’ve witnessed with Virtual Reality and mobile gaming. Companies are changing the scope in unique ways. Worth mentioning is the effect of gaming and betting companies such as Betway, who have played a big role in popularizing the industry.

Cryptocurrenices are here

With the arguably massive surge in cryptocurrency in the past few years, people have been striving to also possibly make it big with these online currencies. Enter the development of online casinos where people can deal and gamble with these currencies. One such coin is EOS, which strives to take away the possible issues of transaction fees that could occur with other cryptocurrencies. This makes it potentially an ideal coin to try online gambling with. If a prospective gambler was confused about how they find these types of online casinos then this eos solution may help, or they could look at online reviews from people who have experienced these new casinos if preferable. Regardless of the types of currencies being used, the introduction of cryptocurrency to the table is a potentially vast change in the online gambling industry.

We are going mobile

Expect to hear even more from the mobile gaming platform. So far, mobile gaming has changed how we play games ultimately. Getting people to play their favorite games via their mobile devices was a major plus for the gaming industry. Even in terms of revenue, mobile accounted for more than 45 percent of all the revenue generated from the industry. Going mobile has also taken the online sports betting world by storm, particularly because you can bet on many different sports, even if you reside in another country! For instance, if you’re a resident in the UK, you could still bet for NFL sports in America, and vice versa. Many bookies have made use of the pph software (Pay Per Head) as a way to run a successful business, and companies like BossAction even give NFL action tips for bookie agents to make the most of their pph sportsbook.

The catch is in the amount of convenience offered in mobile gaming. The freedom to play and bet on games on the go was missing for a long time. That has since changed. People log in to their accounts from their pocket devices whenever they feel like, and the options are unlimited. Even online casino websites can be opened up on phones and games played on the go. Some of the best Best Canadian online Casinos October offer a variety of bonuses and different games that can be played whenever one wishes to. Many such gaming platforms are opening up nowadays, offering people more choices than ever before. Brands such as Betway already understand the potential in mobile and have invested heavily in mobile-oriented technologies like apps to appeal to more customers. When online casinos similar to the new OXI casino provide mobile payment and withdrawal options, it makes it all the more attractive even to the newest users.

Downloadable games and instant updates available

Looking at gaming over the past decade, there is a noticeable shift towards the usage of online gaming, purchases, and updates. This has been influenced dramatically by new technologies, for example, the popular MMO game of “World of Warcraft” was released way back in 2004, but it still attracts millions of players. Lately, it is also being adapted by gaming systems and consoles.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted MMOs in so many ways, especially by improving Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). With all these variables, going into a local gaming store to purchase a hard copy of a game sounds outdated.

YouTube is lifting video gaming companies

It never used to be anything exciting, sitting around to watch friends playing a video game. YouTube revolutionized the whole thing and made watching players going head to head an exciting affair. Today there are several YouTube channels where gamers record their gameplay, and the number of subscribers has constantly been on the rise. This aspect has not only changed how gaming is played or consumed, but it has also brought about a new way of profiting in competitive online gaming.

In a nutshell

New technological advancements in the gaming space could only mean one thing; the industry is destined for massive growth. The potential has never been in doubt, and how developers are streaming in with new innovations suggest that we will be witnessing a host of changes in only a few years to come. The availability of several gaming options on Betway and other platforms is a testimony of how far we’ve come.

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