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UPDF Threatens to Withdraw Guards from MPs


The Uganda People’s Defence Forces has threatened to withdraw its soldiers from Members of Parliament during the election period if they involve the men in uniform in any criminal activities.

This development was relayed by the defence spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso.

“It has come to our notice that many members of Parliament across the political divide who were given military escorts for their personal security in the wake of armed criminality last year have started misusing these soldiers in the current political season,” Brig. Byekwaso said in a statement.
“This is contrary to the reason they were assigned and is likely to involve them in compromising yet unnecessary and avoidable violence between the contending political groups.”
“For this reason, the UPDF leadership directs that its soldiers should not be misused and where this is found to happen, they will be promptly withdrawn,” she said. “The contenders for political office should not involve and/or misuse these soldiers and policemen, who were assigned purely, for a different and clear purpose of ensuring the persona security of the members of Parliament.”



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