UCU Students to Sit for Exams in Two Weeks

The holiday for Uganda Christian University (UCU) winners is over. The University Vice Chancellor Associate Prof Aaron Mushengyezi has announced that students will begin exams on September 15.

The announcement follows a clearance from the National Council for Higher education to pursue their online learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The National Council for Higher Education cleared us on the School of Medicine, so we call upon our medical students and dentists to prepare,” Prof Mushengyezi said.

According to the  Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, Dr John Kitayimbwa, 90 per cent of the UCU students own laptops and about 92 per cent own a smart phone, adding that e-learning is possible and will be free.

Examination materials will be delivered to students at their homes.

Students will be required to use MTN lines to access their servers.

Moses Kayigwa