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Raxio Data Centre Introduces Reseller Partners to Boost Engagement


Raxio Data Centre has formally introduced four new reseller partners who will be part of the arsenal that will engage customers with bundled enterprise packages customized for the local market.

The General Manager of Raxio Data Centre, Mr. James Byaruhanga, is optimistic that this strategic partnership will deliver more to a key segment of the market that have increasingly expressed their interest in the services that Raxio Data Centre offers.

“With the continuous evolution in the Telecom business environment, the focus on service delivery continues to change from legacy services to data and content driven innovations and offerings. We are very excited to announce Africell, Roke Telkom, Sombha Solutions and Velocity Global as Resellers on board for Raxio Data Centre”, said Mr. James Byaruhanga.

He continued: “These reseller partners will extend bite size colocation solutions to their clients in the MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), SOHO (Small Office Home Office) and Consumer market segment in order to complement their already existing service offering. Clients who have requirements that may be below Raxio’s Entry products can still be serviced by our Reseller partners”.

Technology reorientation or more precisely the manner in which cloud services are employed today have played an important role in expanding horizons of the MSME & SOHO market. Whereas previously, monolithic architectures were preferred, today a lot of them have moved towards microservices implementation via digital containers. Carrying out operations on the cloud improves the feasibility and accessibility of data as the burden of transferring files physically is removed. Companies like Global Storage tend to provide cloud security and recovery so that the data doesn’t become vulnerable to unauthorized access. All over the world, the advantages of cloud services are being recognized, and many companies have started offering them to MSMEs so they can improve on their operational efficiency. As a result, even email servers are being setup on the cloud for businesses using knowledge similar to those found on this site to leverage a range of functionality and security features.

That said, local MSME & SOHO market is forecasted to grow at a healthy rate over the next few years driven by a number of factors including a reduction in expenditure in the MSME & SOHO markets, an increase in consultancy and service businesses, a surge in internet connections, increasing popularity of cloud computing, and the increased work from home preference that has been a key characteristic of COVID effects on the formal working class in general.

Here are the thoughts of the Resellers Partners who released various statements to express their feelings are about this move:

  1. Statement from Andrew Jombwe, Managing Partner, Velocity Global:

“As a cloud service provider, Velocity Global is pleased to partner with Raxio Data Centre to extend its service offering to include locally hosted services to business at all stages that may require colocation services, business continuity (offsite backups and services), virtual server hosting, to mention but a few. The cloud is now at the core of every business information technology strategy. Velocity Global will be offering a full turn-key service to consumers and businesses with an end to end delivery of software as a service and infrastructure as a service”

  • Statement from Neeraj Gala, Chief Commercial Officer, Africell Uganda

“The launch of Raxio Data Centre in Uganda definitely marked a huge milestone for the ICT community which has not had a modern centralized data Centre to handle colocation, distribution, processing and storage of big loads of data. For a long time businesses have had to outsource these services to strategic international partner companies or utilize small scale data centres. Our partnership with Raxio Data Centre will ensure that our customers have a reliable local hosting partner for their needs which is a critical success factor for many businesses large and small. With this partnership we aim to give a modern comprehensive service offering for our corporate customers that will answer all their connectivity needs with bundled value added services like SAAS among others. What we envision is offering a one-solution service that will give convenience and peace to our customers”

  • Statement from Michael Mukasa, Chief Commercial Officer, Roke Telkom

“As a country-wide Internet and Communications Service Provider in Uganda we took the decision to be an official reseller with Raxio Data Centre, primarily because, to-date there is no carrier-neutral data centre facility in Uganda. It will be a game-changer, both in terms of international connectivity and to international operators; the market and our customers are moving towards cloud services and with the need for seamless connectivity which together with Raxio Data Centre we will be in position to provide”

  • Statement from Haruna Nyanzi Lule, Chief Executive Officer, Sombha Solutions Store

“We are a Ugandan owned and operated internet and information and communications technology (ISP & ICT) service provider. Founded in 2014 and licensed by UCC in 2016 under a Public Service Provider license. Raxio Data Centre and Sombha Solutions Store will not only enable a portfolio of private and virtual services as well as faster migration worthy of a first class data-centre and best value for money, but also support the growth and digitalization of various industries including health, retail, manufacturing, financial services, banking, among others. Together we will setup and guarantee N+1 redundancy on all aspects”



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