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Police to Reinstate Curfew Roadblocks at Night

Police in Kampala will Monday re-introduce night check points to enforce President Museveni’s Directives on Covid 19 and the 9:00PM curfew.

This was announced by the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesperson Patrick Onyango on Monday afternoon.

“Tonight, we are re-instating all curfew check points. Vehicles will be stopped at 2100hrs. We are witnessing people starting to violate the curfew hours. Today, plan your journey early,” Onyango said in a statement to his Twitter Account.

In his recent address about Covid19 SOPs, President Museveni maintained the 9:00Pm curfew although recently people had started ignoring it.

Vehicles had gone back to normal following the withdrawal of the UPDF Local Defence Unit (LDU) from the roads.

But Onyango said Police will start stopping cars at exactly 9:00PM as had been the norm during the partial lockdown.