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Musician Wilber Kasaale Joins Love Loud Entertainment


With the music industry getting back to its feet after a pause from active business due to  the Coronavirus pandemic that hard hit the world affecting the creatives most, many record labels are re-strategizing to gain from this creative industry by either bringing in new talent or renewing contracts with their musicians one of the  most recent being that of musician Winnie Nwagi and Swangz Avenue who renewed their working contract.  

Love Loud entertainment music label early this week joined the party and unveiled Wilber Kasaale as their latest musician in the music label.  The multi-talented guitarist and songwriter, is known for songs like “Kyali Ku pulani”. Wilber has worked with prominent names in the industry like renowned guitarist Charmant Mushega, Qwela band and many others.

“Now that we have a base, home let them (fans) get ready, we are about to feed their souls with music that will a  stand test of time and generation  and my aim is to be the best representative of African music on the continent and the world because  I will do music that will outlive me and that speaks to hearts and minds casing positive change,” Wilber said.

The record label took up Wilber to use him as an inspiration to many talented kids outside who are thinking about giving up on their craft because he was orphaned at an early age, but this did not stop him from achieving his dreams of becoming a musician.

The team at love loud entertainment are committed to get the best out of the talented young lad as he sets trends and breaks records.

Love loud music label was launched in 2017 and the purpose was empowerment to the young people in the arts industry so that they gain from their creativity and intellectual property by helping them market their talent and financing their careers.



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