Sunday, January 17, 2021
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NBS’ Kin Kariisa in Self Isolation After Presenting with Covid19 Symptoms

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Next Media Kin Ibrahim Kariisa is in self isolation after presenting with symptoms of Covid19.

Kariisa, 44, was rushed to Case Hospital in Kampala on Saturday morning where he was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia, a complication that usually manifests in Covid19 patients.

Bronchopneumonia is a type of pneumonia that causes inflammation in the alveoli in the lungs.

Someone with bronchopneumonia may have trouble breathing because their airways are constricted. Due to inflammation, their lungs may not get enough air which may prompt health officers to put the patient on supported breathing (Oxygen)

“Covid19 brings about the inflammation of the lungs and the bronchitis, causing the patient to have difficulty in breathing,” a source at Case Clinic who preferred to anonymity so as to speak freely said.

“He [Kariisa] presented the same symptoms and is currently a Covid19 suspect. He is going to isolate at home with his medication until we have a confirmation,” the source added.

Asked about the development, Next Media Head of Public Relations and Communications Desire Derekford Mugumisa said he [Kariisa] is fine and is in office.

“It’s not true. I can confirm that he is well and is in office,” Mugumisa said.

“He was offsite for about four days last week but he is back now is in office.”

Another Next Media official scoffed off the claim saying that Mr. Kariisa is well.

“We are doing a covid19 report on Daniel Lutaya not Kariisa. He was in office this weekend and in multiple places,” the official added.