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Nabbi Omukazi Sues ABS TV for Shs730 Million

Barely a month after the death of Pastor Augustine Yiga, his former fellow church minister Maggie Kayima famously known as Nabbi Omukazi has come out seeking 730 million Shillings from his ABS TV for using her voice without permission.

Through her lawyers Nalukoola, Kakeeto Advocates and Solicitors, Kayima has issued a notice to sue to ABS Television trading as Abizaayo Broadcasting Services Limited for using her voice in an audio logo of the TV which is “Olimukulaba Television ABS, Ekuwumuza Ebirowoozo” literary translated into “You are watching ABS TV that relaxes your mind”.

“Ever since the inauguration of ABS’s televised broadcast, it has with impunity used our client’s voice demo as its broadcasting voice logo without clearance for its digital use/consent from her whatsoever or even providing attribution to her as the creator for the content and or having right over her creative work” reads the notice.

Kayima says that while it is true that she was among the individuals who mooted the idea to establish ABS with its former Chief Executive Officer the late Pastor Augusine Yiga, she was an independent contractor at the time she was assigned with the duty to create and record the audio message.

Kayima through her lawyers has since made several demands including that they cease and desist from using her creative work without permission or consent, pay Shillings 600 million to the law firm as consideration for Kayima’s work, also Shillings 100 million for damages for the illegal use of the work and finally Shillings 30 million that Kayima has so far incurred while instructing the lawyers.

The demands, according to the notice should be adhered to within 4 days from receipt of the notice. If they fail, Kayima says they shall institute legal proceedings against ABS Without further warning.

ABS spokesman Farouk Semaganda has confirmed to URN that they have indeed received the notice, and that management is going to meet over it and decide on the response to make.