AIGP Kasingye Urges Police Officers on Professionalism ahead of Polls

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye has urged officers to observe Professionalism in the implementation of their duties.

“Adhere to Professionalism while exercising your duties in accordance with the institutional code of conduct. Transparency and accountability is key for the decisions you take and is a must if you are to achieve results.”

This was during the closing ceremony of Community Liaison and Political Commissar officers at CID Headquarters Kibuli on 8th January 2021.

47 officers benefited from a two weeks training that commenced on 28th December 2020.

Kasingye, the Chief Political Commissar (CPC) director in Uganda Police added that honesty and integrity is an attribute each officer must practice at all cost especially in this election period.

“Observe maximum honesty, openness in conducting official business, commitment to the constitution of the Republic of Uganda and other government laws as you serve our people without discrimination of gender, race, colour religion and region.”

The AIGP added that this election period is the time to prove what the officers have gained from the training and their value addition to the force as they serve and secure the people of Uganda.

“People must exercise their right to vote and go home safely. Make sure you observe Professionalism. This is the time when police is put on test. Everyone is watching you. Don’t go and relax, put in extra effort to make sure we secure our country in a peaceful manner.”

The officers were drown across the country from the regions and divisions and were equipped with knowledge in legal aspects of Community policing, ethical conducts of law enforcement, electoral and Political offences, ideological orientation, community policing as a crime prevention strategy and conflict resolution and management.

Rashid Kyonjo

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