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Court Orders Police, Army to Vacate Bobi Wine’s Home


High court in Kampala has issued an order directing the Uganda People’s Defence Force – UPDF and the Uganda Police to vacate Robert Kyagulanyi’s premises, The Tower Post reports.

The directive was issued on Monday morning following the hearing of a motion by NUP lawyers challenging his house confinement.

NUP lawyers led by Medard Sseggona told court that it is wrong for security to confine Kyagulanyi in an ungazetted place indefinitely and without any justification.

In his ruling, High Court Judge Michael Elubu said “restrictions against Kyagulanyi’s movement are illegal and infringe on his personal liberty.”

NUP Officials address journalists at High Court in Kampala

Bobi Wine has been held under house confinement since Thursday January 14th, with Police claiming they are preventing him from causing chaos in the capital city.

Justice Elubu however noted that there is no evidence as to the allegations, adding that if available, Kyagulanyi should be presented before courts of law and charged other than speculating on the same.

“These are all serious allegations of grave offences and it would be proper to follow the due process of the law in regards all the allegations made against the applicant. The due process has been defined as conducting criminal proceedings against the applicant.”

“The restrictions put on the applicant are unlawful and order that they are lifted. Consequently and order for personal liberty of the applicant is hereby issued.”



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