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Tourism Entrepreneur Amos Wekesa Opens Agro Processing Plant in Soroti


Tourism entrepreneur Amos Masaba Wekesa has started an agro processing plant in the Eastern District of Soroti to help boost Agricultural market in Teso.

The plant dubbed PeLa commodities Ltd in Soroti has state of the art machines manufactured by Perry engineering in United Kingdom. 

The plant grades, cleans, sorts, dries and bags 18 types of grains like from sim sim, beans, maize, sorghum, coffee among others.

According to Wekesa, The plant will be able to clean, sort, grade and dry up to 56 Tonnes of any grain every hour and those are 2 trailers in an hour but it’s doing 12 tonnes an hour now. 

“PELA COMMODITIES LTD is going to be the first plant in East Africa with machines that clean aflatoxins, Ugandas biggest challenge when it comes to maize mainly,” Said Wekesa in a tweet.

He added that, the plant is a partnership between 2 people with lots of knowledge of manufacturing, maintaining, operating and me who also knowledgeable in marketing and business development. 

Amos Masaba Wekesa, is a businessman, entrepreneur and corporate executive in Uganda, who is the founder, proprietor and managing director of Great Lakes Safaris Limited, a tour operating company, in the African Great Lakes region.

“Guys, PeLa Commodities Ltd Soroti agro processing plant is now crying and operational, we thank God,” Added Wekesa

Where are the business opportunities?

“We shall start engaging farmers, aggregators since we already have off takers of the grains from across the borders and beyond,” Said Wekesa. 

He has encouraged Farmers and aggregators to bring their grains for cleaning, grading, drying and sorting ready for export or local consumption at cost.

“A Ugandan team has just been trained to operate these machineries by both a local team and engineers from the UK. Skill transfers have happened,” Noted Wekesa.

He was also proud to say that, “A Ugandan construction team delivered the project in 8 months instead of 24 months and I will be writing about them so you can use them as well.”



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