Uganda Deports 36 Congolese Nationals

36 Congolese fishermen who illegally entered the country to fish on Lake Edward have been deported.

They were arrested on separate occasions between March and June this year in Kasese district by Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF attached to the marine unit.

Maj. Gen Dick Olum, UPDF Attaché in Kinshasha says that all the fishermen had no travel documents and used porous border and water points to cross into Uganda. He said the security laxity on the DRC part has always enabled their nationals to easily cross into Uganda before they are intercepted by Ugandan security personnel.

Maj. Gen. Olum said the deportation followed discussions between Uganda and DRC security personnel.

Mayor of Katwe-Kabatooro, John Bosco Kananura says fishermen on the lake have continuously lost their fishing gear to the Congolese. He says that some of the fishermen have also been kidnapped and only released upon payment of a ransom.

The chairperson Katwe landing site Robert Kasaija says several fishermen and their aides have been injured by Congolese in attempts to steal their gears.

The Kasese RDC Joe Walusimbi says security across the border remains heightened to ensure the district is safe.