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MP Okabe’s Foundation ‘Saves’ over 94 COVID-19 Positive Patients


At least a total of 94 COVID-19 positive patients in Serere District have been treated and healed through the initiative of the Serere County Member of Parliament Bishop Patrick Okabe.

Through Bishop Okabe Health Foundation that was formulated to help kick COVID-19 out of Serere District after the resurgence of the Second Wave of the deadly pandemic, the Chairperson of the Foundation Richard Emanio revealed that at least a total of 94 patients who were severely ill have gotten healed.

He said that the 94 survivors are part of the 27 families that were hit by the pandemic but couldn’t get access to proper treatment.

“When the Second Wave came we contacted Hon. Okabe and he responded quickly by procuring 200 doses of COVIDEX herbal medicine that we used to treat our people,“said Emanio.

He added that as a team they have continued with the sensitization drives in the county that has helped in seeing the drastic decline of COVID-19 in Serere.

On average Serere District could get 30 cases of COVID-19 but today less than 10 people test positive.

Bishop Okabe the founder of the foundation revealed that he has again procured more 100 doses of COVIDEX meant to treat more than 50 patients.

He has also hailed the initiator of COVIDEX Prof. Ogwang Patrick Engeu for agreeing to partner with him to save people.

He said that the initiative will continue till the pandemic is kicked out of the country.

“My work isn’t to buy drugs for patients but I cannot see my voters perish yet I can provide. I want to call upon the people to follow the SOPs to avert the possible outbreak of the third wave,” He advised.

He also vowed to use the new bottom to top approach that he said will help in uplifting the poor people.

“In 2016 – 2021 I used the top to bottom approach but it didn’t help this time around. I am going to use the bottom to top approach in order to have equal distribution of resources. Am going to use the Village Health Teams and area LC’s to identify the people to benefit,” Okabe revealed.

“COVID-19 has interrupted a lot of programs, affecting business, sports, education and other political activities but I have designed another strategy to help my people,” He added.

He noted that, “In 2016 I spent a lot of money but people were not appreciative. This time around I am going to work with even those who didn’t vote for me.”



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