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Soroti MP Aeku Supports Security Officials Killing Terror Suspects

Soroti County MP Patrick Aeku.

The Soroti County Member of Parliament Patrick Aeku has urged security to continue killing those suspected to be terrorists revealing that if left, they will disorganize the country’s stability.

Speaking to The Tower Post over the weekend in Soroti City, MP Aeku said that the terrorists are bad people who shouldn’t be given a second chance to leave.

“They deserve to die and I have no kind words if security kills them,” Aeku said.

He added that, “to give someone who has intentions to kill innocent people chance to leave is disastrous” while imploring security to keep putting the terrorists out of action.

“The Man who wants to kill another also deserves to die,” he reacted.

Two twin blasts rocked Kampala on Tuesday last week killing four people and injuring scores.

As a result, security mounted a search arresting over 15 people and killing two terrorists; Sheikh Abbas Kirevu and Muhammad Kiryowa, all suspected masterminds of the attacks.

Aeku noted that, “If you want to finish people why not finish you first because you’re going for innocent people who don’t have any problem with you or struggling for any land. These terrorists are doing this for their selfish need. So why not take them out. We need peace in the country.”

“Whatever they want we don’t know but these are cowardly acts. That’s why they are killing innocent people but they shall be defeated and am very sure,” he noted.



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